The stated mission of The Cannabis Council is to assist the Maryland Cannabis Commission in the development of reliable processes for the manufacture and distribution of quality cannabis products and to promote a fair and open marketplace. To assist the industry in achieving these objectives, the Council will provide:

PRODUCT STANDARDS: Following the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) guidelines, the TCC will assist in developing industry consensus on horticultural and pharmaceutical processes and reliable testing methods to ensure the production of safe and well characterized products for qualifying patients.

INDUSTRY RESEARCH: The Council will commission research studies in the following areas:

a) Cultivation;

b) Natural products extraction;

c) Pharmaceutical formulation;

d) Laboratory proficiency in collaboration with the American Oil Chemist’s Society (AOCS);

e) Product efficacy: A patient survey

f) Product stability

PRODUCT CERTIFICATION: The Council will assist physicians, patients and caregivers in determining what products conform to TCC member certified processes.

INDUSTRY INFORMATION: A quarterly Council Newsletter will convey information on statistical trends, government regulations, product standards, Council activities, safety information, and a variety of other topics. The Council will also sponsor an ongoing seminar series.